Ready for warmer weather? This lightweight short jumpsuit is perfect fur sunny days â˜€ï¸

Both practical and comfortable for baby and parents, it has a big back opening and complete crotch opening for easy diaper changing.

Also is has cute, strong, and not too small wood buttons at every opening 👍🏼


♥︎ They are all different and unique. This style is knitted making random stripes, each piece has different stripe dimenstion in back, front and sleeves, which we found really appealing ðŸ™‚ 


Our baby knits are made in a small family factory in Sonseca, Toledo.

They are made using only organic materials 🌱. We care for our planet 🌎💓


Tortoise Jumpsuit

Color: Tortoise GREEN
  • 100% Organic Cotton - GOTS certificate.

    This cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or allergenic substances and it is produced under safe and fair condition for workers and the environment.


Created by Gisella Varón