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Organic Cotton 🌱. Our sustainable choice.

All our pieces are made with a very special yarn, made of 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS certificate.

But what does this means?

Cotton is largely used in Textile Industry, and when it's not produced in a sustainable way, it contributes to contaminating our environment and also to unfair working conditions.

This is why we choose to work with Organic or Bio Cotton, with GOTS certification, because we asure that it is grown respecting people and nature.

The GOTS certification (short for Global Organic Textile Standards ) is given to products which production process is made with the highest standards securing

the environment and people safety (both physical and economic).

Our cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or defoliants. It is grown with the aim to safeguard the health of consumers and workers, this is why it's dyed without carcinogenic or allergenic colorants. We buy our cotton in proximity, from a highly experienced factory located in the North of Italy committed to sustainability, with eyes in the future, like Bayíri ♡ like you.

Because we care, and we know you care too 🌎♥︎ our Cotton is not only soft, comfortable, beautiful and non-allergenic, what we like the most, it's the story behind.

By purchasing from us you are supporting small business

committed to sustainability and Nature's Conservation promotion.


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