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☀︎ Inspired by Nature
we knit high quality pieces made to last, designed to be treasured. Pieces that will be passed on for generations and share innumerable precious moments with their environmentally conscious humans.

"Bayíri" means "to invoke" for the Desana Indigenous Tribe from Colombian Amazon.  (based in the book Desana: simbolismo de los indios Tukano del Vaupés from Gerardo Raichel-Dolmatoff, Bogotá,1968)

This word invites us to get closer to our animal spirits and celebrate special moments in our lives.


I’m Gisella, BaYíRi's Designer & Creature Knitter.

Homo sapiens sapiens from Bogotá, Colombia ☀︎


I'm a Textile and Graphic Designer with a Biology background. I love knitting and creating products that tell stories and are functional at the same time. I enjoy making family of objects instead of lonely products, cause everybody enjoys company ☺︎.After several years of experience as Designer in different Spanish brands I decided to create my own, where products could talk for themselves and serve as learning tools. Our consumption habits must change, everybody know that, so its time to do it. Buy less, buy better. Buy products that are made in a respectful way for people and the  environment, this includes the whole product chain, from the material development to the product fabrication and products life beyond your use. Its a long process with many hands involved, including yours.Let's create a close-knit community of conscious planet friendly Knits and Nature lovers ❤︎

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Gisella & León

our pieces are:

🌱 ♻️

100% Organic

We are committed to Nature's Conservation. We only use Organic and recycled-recyclable materials.


We knit with the softest GOTS certified italian Organic Cotton yarn. This means our cotton is produced under safe and fair conditions for the workers and the environment which also makes it safe for you and your baby; our cotton is toxic free and non allergenic.


For our Handcrafted products with padding, we use 100% Bio-Polymer made from certified natural and renewable organic vegetable materials.


We only use recycled paper for our branding items.



Our interior clothes labels are made of 100% Cotton or PET.

*All our materials are acquired in the European Union


Ethically Made

Our pieces are Designed and Made in Spain.

Our Knitwear is made in a small family factory in Sonseca-Toledo. 

Sonseca is known for having an outstanding knitting tradition, we love to be contributing to keep this tradition alive. This way we ensure we work with factories that have good working conditions and a very valuable know how.

Making our Products locally means Sonseca is only 90km from our studio in Madrid, which gives us the pleasure to have a close relationship with our makers and asure good working conditions.

Our Handcrafted products (like Creatures) are knitted carefully one by one by Gisella at the studio in Madrid :)


Gender Neutral

We believe in gender equality and we don't like gender stereotypes.

No girls or boys colors, no girls nor boy clothes, wear what you like the most!

Clothes should make us feel free and comfortable in our own skin.



Bayíri was created from the non seasonal mind of a Colombian Designer ;) 


Climate just changes if you move from different places, your clothe just adapts as you move.

Our knits can be used anywhere in the world, anytime of the year.


We also believe in the beauty of Slow Making, which means no over production, no over consumption.

We makes high quality knits created to last, designed to be treasured. We want our knits to be passed on for generations and share innumerable precious moments with their environmentally conscious humans.

By purchasing from us you are supporting a small business
committed to sustainability and Nature's Conservation promotion.

Because we care, and we know you care too. 

🌎​ ❤️

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